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#1 Malaysia's Environmental Heroes - EcoKnights

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

If you are an environmental advocate in Malaysia, there's one organisation that you shouldn't missed, that is the EcoKnights! Read more to find out how they are creating an impact!

EcoKnights® is a non-governmental environmental organization established in 2005. The organization focuses on working with key stakeholders to drive and empower sustainable actions for a better planet. They do this by developing and implementing programs and activities across five pillars.

The five pillars are:

1) Community Development & Education (CDE)

2) Public Outreach (PO)

3) Rehabilitation, Restoration & Conservation (RRC)

4) Sustainability Communication (SUSCOMM)

5) Youth Development & Volunteerism (YDV)

Click on the links above to find out all the flagship programmes under each pillar.

Some of the notable programmes include: Knights of Nature (KON), Anugerah Hijau and The International Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival (KLEFF). Yes that's right. Malaysia has an environmental-themed film festival and it has been running annually since 2008 (14 years from now!). Last year, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, they even held an online screening session for the film festival despite the difficulties. Check out the list of films on their website !

My personal favourite would be their Cooking oil for Cleaning (C4C) and Beg to Bekas (B2B) programmes. They are both flagship programmes under the Community Development & Education (and DeRiA is doing that so naturally our favourite😍)!

If you think soap making skills is good, their B2B programme actually gives out free containers! We Malaysian definitely like free stuff right? As a partner with the River Of Life Public Outreach Programme (ROLPOP) they were giving out free recycle bags and containers to people who visited the Ramadhan Bazaars.

Of course, without them, there will not be DeRiA. We are one of the winners from their latest programme in collaboration with the British High Commission Kuala Lumpur in the 'Communicating Science for Climate Action' grant competition. Hence, a very huge thank you to them on behalf of team DeRiA! Find out more on how you can be part of the journey with EcoKnights as they are always on the lookout for volunteers in their major events. Join them and you will be come more awesome! Check out their Facebook and Instagram for their latest activities and news!

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