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About us

DeRiA is a ground-up, non-profit initiative to encourage environmental stewardship among students. To achieve this objective, we firmly believe by introducing elements of gamification and multisensory learning, complex climate science concepts can be understood better by the younger generation.

Our Initiatives

Our goal is to empower the educators in Malaysia to create a better learning environment, suitable for climate science communication. By researching and engaging with teachers, we have co-created an Environmental Education Playbook for educators in Malaysia with 20 lesson plans that feature unique climate facts, catering to students age 7 - 12 years old.


We will be featuring many articles to create a repository of information on how we can lead a sustainable lifestyle and reduce our carbon footprint. This is because climate action is everyone's responsibility.

Contact us

Are you a teacher wanting to know more about Climate Action? Do you have ideas on how we can make science communication better?

Reach out to us if you want to look for partnerships and collaborations!

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