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About Us

What is DeRiA..

DeRiA is a ground-up initiative with an objective of encouraging environmental stewardship among students. To achieve this we believe by introducing elements of gamification and multisensory learning, complex climate science concepts can be understood better by the younger generation. Our Environmental Education Playbook for Educators will long-term solution to break the barriers of communicating hard science to young children, especially the primary school students. The Playbook will features choices of activities to be adapted in lesson plans by teachers to nurture climate-conscious future leaders.


How we started..​

We are a group of young and dynamic working professionals from ASEAN that are connected through a common passion to save our earth from the climate crisis. Our initiative was conceived for the 'Communicating Science for Climate Action'  grant competition funded by British High Commission Kuala Lumpur and supported by EcoKnights. We were thankful to be selected as a winner under the theme of IPCC Reports on Global Warming (For Teachers/Educators).

Our objectives..

  1. To promote gamification and multisensory learning methodology

  2. To create a better experience for students on environmental education.

  3. To cultivate green values and mindset among students.

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